The name Pila comes from the latin and indicates a primordial form of mortar composed of two stones, a round one and a carved one in which were crushed grains. This product combines two complementary tools: a chopping board and a mortar.
Made with a single piece of solid oak wood, without joints and therefore without the use of glues, in the cutting board there is a carving in which you can grind salt or spices or anything else that will serve to kitchen preparations.

The PILA chopping boards are made by hand starting from a solid wood table sawn in a radial position compared to the heart of the plant. These sections, with rings perpendicular to the face of the table, are more stable, resistant and less subject to deformation. Craftsmanship of wood is associated to cutting-edge industrial techniques. In fact, the recess is obtained through a high precision CNC milling machine while the stainless steel sphere is made with a numerical control lathe. The use of these techniques allows a result of extremely perfect movement of the sphere in the wood.



CATEGORY Product design, kitchenware
MATERIALS Solid Oak, Stainless Steel
YEAR 2014
CLIENT Atelier di Cucina

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